Brazil-based consultancy BOA has collaborated with technology firm Veovo to help airports across the country gain access to the latter’s Intelligent Airport platform.

Veovo’s solutions connect airport operations, passenger flow and revenue management to facilitate intelligent decision making and boost operational efficiency with optimal utilisation of people and assets.

Revenue management tools provided by the company are designed to automate the processing of airport invoices and develop flexible tariff structures.

Under the partnership, BOA will act as Veovo for Brazil and represent the firm officially by providing its solutions.

The latest development aligns with Brazil’s National Airport Plan to strengthen the sector’s infrastructure.

Commenting on the alliance, Veovo CEO James Williamson said: “We’re excited to partner with BOA to help bring about the improvements necessary to achieve Brazil’s National Airport Plan and establish the country as a leading transport hub.

“Thanks to the digitisation opportunities offered by BOA and Veovo, the country’s airports and their partners can stay ahead of the dynamic shifts in aviation by optimising operations, improving resilience and offering a better overall airport experience.”   

Brazil is ranked second by the number of airports worldwide. In addition, the country has the sixth-largest domestic aviation market.

BOA founding partner Ângelo Grossi said:  “With increasing traffic and high levels of investment, there is a huge demand in Brazil for solutions that enable automation and collaboration across the airport so that operators can plan more effectively, anticipate issues faster and improve performance.

“Veovo is the modern airport platform of choice for over 100 major international airports, including Orlando, Amsterdam and JFK.”

At the end of last year, UK’s Gatwick Airport (LGW) opted for Veovo’s Passenger Predictability solution, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.