The Chinese capital of Beijing has restarted the commercial operation of incoming passenger flights from abroad after remaining secluded for over two years due to the Covid-19 outbreak, reported Bloomberg.

Despite relaxing pandemic-induced curbs, parts of the country still witness severe isolation norms.

According to information available on Air China’s website, the carrier has resumed a direct weekly daily flight from Paris, France. Another airline ANA is set to restart weekly flights from Narita, Japan, next month.

Early this month, China National Radio informed that Etihad Airways recommenced direct flights to Beijing late last month. The resumption followed after China cut the quarantine duration for inbound passengers by half to seven days.

China’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) barred the arrival of direct international flights in early 2020.

It has mandated people looking to visit Beijing to first arrive at a pre-approved place for quarantine and then to proceed with further travel in the country.

Earlier this month, CAAC unveiled its plan to restart international commercial flights gradually and have discussions with other nations on extending the operations.

However, no official from the agency has commented on the issue, stated Bloomberg.

Several restrictions including a limited number of passengers and the possibility of interruptions under a circuit-breaker rule and others have led air carriers to operate only one weekly international flight in China.

Recent VariFlight data revealed that a total of 94 international aircraft were flying in and out of China on 26 July, compared with 2,883 on the same day three years ago. 

Early this month, a CCTV report stated that Chinese carriers were planning to increase the number of international flights.

In August last year, China announced the opening of the new Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport (TAO) in Shandong Province.

The airport was developed to accommodate large aircraft including Airbus A380, reported Xinhuanet.