Aircraft-leasing company Avolon has announced partnership with global aviation and airport leaders to expedite the introduction of eVTOL operations in Brazil.

The partnership includes Corporación América Airports, GOL, Grupo Comporte and Vertical Aerospace.

As part of the collaboration, the companies will explore the infrastructure requirements to bring eVTOL passenger flight in Brazil this decade.

They will also define vertiport design and locations for eVTOL operations.

Avolon stated that the collaboration will benefit from sector-specific expertise of the companies to bring eVTOL operations into operation.

Particularly, a special team from Corporación América Airports that is dedicated for the research and development of the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) segment as well as the airports design, construction and operation, passenger traffic management.

Avolon CEO Dómhnal Slattery said: “The scale of our ambition for eVTOLs is reflected in our partnerships with some of the leading transportation and airport operators in Latin America.

“We are partnered with companies that share our ambition to materially reshape the commercial aviation market.

“Our objective is to deliver the infrastructure requirements to bring zero emissions travel to Brazil mid this decade and revolutionise air travel in the region.”

The company expects that the introduction of eVTOLs, like the VX4, will transform the transportation of Brazilians.

VX4 will enable short-haul zero emissions journeys which will help in revolutionising the air travel for Brazilians’ everyday lives.

With more than 100 miles range, VX4 is expected to have up to 200 mph of speeds and be near silent when in flight.