Ariana Afghan Airlines has resumed some of its domestic flights in Afghanistan between Kabul and three major regional cities.

This development comes after a Qatar-based technical team reopened Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport (KBL) for receiving aid and domestic services.

On its social media page, Ariana Afghan Airlines stated that it has restarted the flights between Kabul and the western city of Herat, Mazar-i Sharif in northern Afghanistan and Kandahar in the south.

It said: “Ariana Afghan Airlines is proud to resume its domestic flights.”

Qatar’s ambassador to Afghanistan had said that the Kabul airport’s runway has been restored in cooperation with authorities in Afghanistan, reported Al Jazeera.

The airport has been chaotic since the Taliban took control of the city.

Kabul airport was shut down after the end of the US-led airlift of its citizens.

The evacuation operation ended at the end of last month.

In an attempt to restore order, the Taliban has been working towards the reopening of the airport.

Last week, the US Federal Aviation Administration stated that the US civil aircraft have been restricted from operating over Afghanistan unless provided prior authorisation.

The FAA had then stated: “Due to both the lack of air traffic services and a functional civil aviation authority in Afghanistan, as well as ongoing security concerns, US civil operators, pilots, and US-registered civil aircraft are prohibited from operating at any altitude over much of Afghanistan.”