Albany International Airport in the US has partnered with General Electric (GE) with the aim of making air travel safer in the post-pandemic world.

The airport and GE plans to deploy a range of digital technologies, including advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These technologies are expected to help Albany Airport accommodate the required changes to ensure the safest possible footprint as air travel gradually returns to pre-pandemic levels.

GE will launch new digital technologies to test and trial from its research lab in New York. The airport will offer a live environment for developing and enhancing these technologies.

Albany County Airport Authority CEO Philip Calderone said: “We’re proud to have GE partner with Albany International Airport, as we advance our new and forward-looking Master Plan that will establish a benchmark for the future design and operation of the nation’s airports.

GE Aviation’s new Wellness Trace App has been used by the airport since this June to track Covid-19 cleaning protocols.

The app provides a platform for airports and airlines to track Covid-19 screening for both passengers and employees. It is also designed to set protocols for tracking the disinfection of objects in the airport or aboard aircraft. Albany Airport is claimed to be GE’s first customer.

Calderone added: “The use of GE’s cutting-edge Wellness Trace App is a major first step in our joint efforts to integrate new digital solutions to create safer travel in a post-pandemic world.”

Commenting on the development, GE Aviation Digital Group general manager Andrew Coleman said: “We believe the digital vision Albany International Airport is advancing is exactly the kind of template airports and airlines will need to ensure safe, healthy travel through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

“We’re proud to have Albany International sign on as our launch customer. The app is helping them closely track Covid-19 cleaning protocols today, with the potential to track other health screening as the industry and regulators navigate safe travel in a post-pandemic world.”