Cutting-Edge Technologies from Top Suppliers: Get real time answers to your questions and see the newest technologies, equipment, products, and services including: Automatic Gaging Equipment, Calibration Equipment & Services, CMMs and DMMs, Quality Software and much more!

Forward-Thinking Education from Expert Speakers: Our educational offerings are stronger than ever this year. Topics include: Integrated Quality Management, 3D Printing, and Industrial Automation: Advancing the Smart Plant and more!

Innovative Expo Hall Offerings to Make The Most Of Your Time: Take advantage of complimentary interactive demonstrations, entertaining & forward-thinking keynotes, lively panel discussions on the expo hall floor at the Center Stage.

Engaging Networking Opportunities: Make beneficial new connections with like-minded professionals at our complimentary BoothCrawl event. This event enhances your networking opportunities with suppliers and peers while enjoy light food and drink.