ALTYS Technologies is pleased to announce it has signed a cooperation agreement with Japan Radio Co. (JRC). This agreement officially launches a strategic effort between the two companies to co-develop and market an advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS) integrating a second-generation multilateration system.

JRC and ALTYS combine their expertise to provide customers with an A-SMGCS solution offering the highest possible levels of quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness. JRC provides its OPTIMUS solution – a second generation multilateration system – fully integrated with the SAGA A-SMGCS solution from ALTYS. SAGA includes a dynamic surveillance display and a traffic replay capability for training, troubleshooting, or investigation activities.

Multilateration (MLAT) has been used for aircraft positioning in the airport and ATC industry for many years. However, the phenomenon of multipath interference, in which one signal is received from the same object via multiple paths due to wave reflection or distortion, can cause inaccurate position reporting. The second generation OPTIMUS MLAT technology developed by JRC provides affordable means to correct this inevitable phenomenon, thus vastly improving the accuracy of aircraft and vehicle positioning as compared with traditional MLAT technology.

SAGA, the A-SMGCS solution developed by ALTYS, is a multi-function platform allowing multiple simultaneous user connections. It provides 24/7 visibility of aircraft and vehicle movements, as well as a wide range of statistics to support decision-making. The system also proves to be one of the fastest on the market, with excellent responsiveness, aka very low detection-to-display latency. SAGA’s various features and the wealth of information it provides make it a contributor to the airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM) environment.

"We are proud to confirm our collaboration with JRC, a renowned leader in the provision of radio communications and navigation systems," says Alexandre Simonin, CEO of ALTYS Technologies. "We are eager to bring the SAGA-OPTIMUS solution to the airport and air traffic control market, as the combination of these systems truly results in a breakthrough innovation. Together with JRC we will respond to the growing need for a high-precision, low-cost surface movement surveillance solution."