Australian emergency management firm Dynamiq has issued an urgent warning to Australians around the world to take extra care with their personal safety following the death of Osama bin Laden.

Australian emergency-management firm Dynamiq last night briefed its clients operating in high risk areas that the death of bin Laden was likely to spark a number of reprise attacks on lower-level, ‘soft’ targets such as western businesses or tourist attractions.

Dynamiq CEO Anthony Moorhouse said it would be a major mistake for anyone to believe the assassination of bin Laden would be a mortal blow to al-Qaeda itself.

“While this event will engender a sense of satisfaction among western nations, most particularly the United States, it is far from the end of the fight against terrorism,” Mr Moorhouse said.

“Firstly, al-Qaeda does not operate a centralised command structure, so taking out the leader does not necessarily disrupt the entire organisation. Secondly, each member of al-Qaeda pledges a personal allegiance to bin Laden, and his death will be seen as a personal affront to every member of the organisation. So this is far from ‘mission accomplished’. This result, while welcome, is highly likely to set off a chain of new terrorist attacks around the world in coming months. These are not likely to be major, 9/11-style events, but lower-level suicide bombings that can be arranged at very short notice as an expression of al-Qaeda’s outrage. As a result, Dynamiq last night issued urgent advice to its clients operating around the world to step up their security measures, and to take every precaution with their personal safety. We strongly urge all other Australians living and travelling in major centres to be on their guard. If al-Qaeda does react to bin Laden’s death, we want to make sure Australian citizens are not caught up in their violence.”