Plattsburgh International Airport started passenger operations in 2007. Image courtesy of Plattsburgh International Airport.
A new concourse has been built as part of the terminal expansion. Image courtesy of Plattsburgh International Airport.
New seating has been added during the terminal expansion. Image courtesy of Plattsburgh International Airport.
The parking spaces were doubled during the phase 1 of the expansion. Image courtesy of Plattsburgh International Airport.
Ticketing area expansion with new counters is a part of the expansion. Image courtesy of Plattsburgh International Airport.
The jet bridge at the terminal has been relocated as part of the expansion. Image courtesy of Plattsburgh International Airport.

Plattsburgh International Airport

Plattsburgh International Airport is located south of Plattsburgh city in Clinton County, New York, US. It promotes itself as Montreal’s US airport due to its proximity to Montreal, the second biggest city in Canada, and northern New York.

Owned and operated by Clinton County government, the airport is created from the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base and serves as a multipurpose aviation and aerospace complex.

Williston Basin International Airport (WBIA) is a proposed airport in Williston, North Dakota, US.

The airport covers an area of 1,912 acres and features a passenger terminal building and a runway. Air carriers such as US Airways Express, Allegiant Airline and Spirit Airlines offer services from the airport serving the residents of northern New York, southern Quebec and Vermont.

With the increasing number of passengers at the airport, Clinton County approved a passenger terminal expansion project at the airport in 2013. Designed to handle 31,500 passengers a year, the terminal building currently handles more than 150,000 passengers. The expansion will enable the airport to meet the current and projected growth of more than 300,000 passengers a year.

Terminal expansion at Plattsburgh Airport

The passenger terminal expansion is being carried out in two phases. Starting in late 2014, phase 1 included the expansion of parking lot to double the capacity to 3,300 spaces.

The phase 2 expansion was initiated at the end of 2014, and comprised the expansion of the terminal area by increasing the number of ticketing counters and security checkpoints, and expanding the baggage claim area, and concourse and gate areas. It also includes developing a customs facility, integrated into the terminal, which will establish the airport as an official international port of entry.

A new concourse was opened on the second floor of the terminal in November 2015. The terminal, with the new concourse, now measures approximately 115,000ft². New features in the terminal include dedicated concessions area and technology-compatible seating with provision for mobile recharging. The airport’s concessionaire, which offers a variety of snacks and beverages, has been moved to the new concourse.

The terminal will have four gates, of which Gate 4 for boarding has begun operations, while Gate 3 is expected to be operational in the coming weeks.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint, which was located on the ground floor of the terminal building, has been moved to the second floor. The relocated facility includes a whole body imaging machine, in addition to a walkthrough metal detector.

A new exit lane featuring latest automated exit lane technology will be developed. Additional signage will provide directions for arriving passengers.

The outbound baggage handling system has been made online. It consists of a state-of-the-art conveyor system that provides efficient baggage movement from ticketing counter to the aircraft. The project will also add a similar system for baggage coming-off of arriving aircraft.

Other developments at the airport include utility building and outbound baggage expansion, walkway installation, jet bridge relocation, demolition of concession area south and west walls, and creation of two front entrances with an elevator, stairs and escalators to access the second floor of the terminal.

The phase 2 expansion is scheduled for completion by mid-2016.

Contractors involved with the terminal expansion

Clinton County awarded four contracts for the phase 2 expansion project in July 2014. The general construction contract was awarded to Murnane Building Contractors, plumbing contract was awarded to L.H. La Plante, HVAC contract to K&L Plumbing and Heating, and electrical contract to S&L Electric.

Financing for the expansion

The total estimated investment for the project is $55m. In September 2014, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) awarded $8.61m for the project.

Details of the existing passenger terminal

The original 35,300ft² terminal was constructed with an investment of $20m and was opened for passenger operations in 2007. The two-floor facility was designed to handle any kind of aircraft with special features, including a jet bridge.

"The expansion will enable the airport to meet the current and projected growth of more than 300,000 passengers a year."

The state-of-the-art terminal is easy to navigate and offers a variety of passenger facilities including ticket information desks, gift shops, conference room, news stand, food and beverage stores, ATM, restrooms, telephone, elevators, staircases and free Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the terminal.


Plattsburgh Airport features an 11,750ft asphalt/concrete/grooved runway, designated as runway 17/35, with 1,000ft of paved overrun at each end. It is equipped with medium-intensity approach lighting system and alignment indicator lights.

Ground handling services

Fuel-related services and other ground handling services at the airport are provided by Volo Aviation, a fixed-base operator (FBO).


Parking at the airport is located a few steps away from the terminal, making it easy for the arriving and departing passengers. A free shuttle service is available to/from the parking lots.

Ground transportation

A variety of transport services such as shuttles, car rental, limo or taxi and buses are available from the airport.