BETA Fueling Systems recently completed production of the world’s most advanced hydrant dispenser, featuring a fully integrated digital pressure control system developed by EATON Carter. It is capable of delivering high flow rates through the entire fueling cycle.

BETA also worked with Liquid Controls and Integrated Sensing Systems to integrate the first densitometer to convert fuel measurement to mass and eliminate pilot to ground fuel reporting errors. The densitometer improves accuracy over a wide range of temperatures to ensure customers can reconcile actual fuel usage at the end of each day.

“This new hydrant dispenser represents significant advancements in aviation refueling,” said Jon DeLine, President and CEO of BETA Fueling Systems. “These new features will provide customers with more accurate fuel reconciliation, the ability to fuel more aircraft daily, and increased safety.”

The new dispenser will be offered on a lightweight, cab-over style gas chassis that is designed to lower the operational cost compared to a diesel chassis. The gas chassis also meet strict emission standards. The densitometer allows the customer to see a mass reading of the total fuel entering an aircraft, providing the airline an accurate weight of fuel on the aircraft the instant it has completed its fuel cycle. Calculation compensations due to temperature or other factors are no longer needed, saving time and money.

EATON Carter’s digital pressure control system offered through BETA simplifies the pressure control process by removing the venturi and sense lines. It allows for quicker fueling by controlling pressure more effectively during fueling uplifts. Essentially, it maintains higher sustainable pressure for a longer time, thus increasing higher flow rates which allows for more aircraft fuel cycles daily.

BETA’s advanced hydrant dispenser and other new BETA products will be shown to customers around the world at the inter airport Europe 2015 exhibition in Munich, Germany, 6-9 October and at the International Air Transport Association’s Aviation Fuel Forum 3-5 November in Cancun, Mexico.