Champion Door

European airplane concern, EADS, has purchased three airplane hangar doors for its Airbus airplane factory in Toulouse, France, from Champion Door. The doors, which have a total width of 92m and a height of 29m, are to be delivered to the Airbus Superjumbo A380 maintenance hall.

Champion Door will deliver and install the doors during next summer and autumn. The third door will be installed at the beginning of 2014, when the last of the large halls will be completed.

During the purchase negotiations, representatives of Airbus went through Champion Door references sites with great care so that the technical quality of the doors would surely meet the stringent standards and guidelines of the company.

Finding a site to study was easy, because the Finnish company, which has operated for almost 40 years, has delivered doors all around the world. Heat insulated doors are energy efficient whether they are needed in heated halls in the arctic area or cooled halls in the heat of the desert.

Among others, the military of several countries have purchased Champion Door doors for their airplane and helicopter halls. High-quality doors and accurate deliveries coupled with quick after-sales service are key issues in creating customer satisfaction.

Airbus has given positive feedback on the clear and detailed offers. The buyer knew exactly what they were buying and when the doors would be in place. Exemplary cooperation with the designers and the architects of the hangar ensured the buyers to the high quality of the Champion Door’s complete delivery.

The exceptional quality naturally starts from the door itself, but as important are the punctuality of the door supplier, flexibility and after-sales service. The family company’s genuine commitment to business and the ability to understand the customer needs are all parts of total quality.

The agreement signed now is strong proof of the fact that Champion Door Oy has claimed its place in the heavy weight class of the lift up door market. The company has achieved the reputation of a serious supplier through its customer-focused operations. Balanced discussion and the detailed mapping of the customer needs guarantee a great end result for both parties.