Interactive 3D walkthroughs (Govies) are ideal for allowing clients to visualise building interiors and surroundings.

In particular, when it comes to investor persuasion, verification and citizen and / or stakeholder involvement, this is an ideal solution in order to give them a thorough understanding of a project’s aspects.

3DIT walkthroughs can be used to view and evaluate planned facilities before they are built to collect relevant information. They are suitable for virtual audits, training solutions or location-based services.

3D walkthroughs provide a more detailed and memorable spatial overview than simple sketches and maps. Clients are able to fully explore the realistic virtual scene and identify the details and features that are most relevant to them.

Realistic models allow clients to visualise land, buildings and production site plans before they are finalised for construction to highlight design changes. This is ideal for proposing either complete terminal layout or new additions from investors.