The matrix switches are the new high-flyers in the kvm-tec product range and don’t just have innovative features, but also a low price. What’s new in these high-flyers?

Matrixline: the big player in the Switching System

The extender from kvm-tec that is designed especially for matrix switching solutions is available for a sensational RRP and has included audio, VGA, RS232 and memory options. The Matrixline can be used especially in larger Switching Systems over 48 end points.

Matrix Switching Systems at high-flyer prices

Thanks to clever management of the switching license fees (one license fee is required for 1-5 and five license fees are required as of six), the high-flyer prices for the common matrix switching system combinations are simply unbeatable.

Decentralised matrix switch: no more ‘cable spaghetti’

In this high-flyer scenario, two switches can be connected with two fibre uplinks and therefore up to 20 monitors can be connected with up to 20 PCs. The distance between the switches can be several hundred metres. A solution that makes high-flyers shine.

KVM Switching Manager

The software solution for conveniently managing and controlling the kvm-tec Switching Systems, including firmware updates.