Senstar Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of perimeter intrusion detection sensors (PIDS), is offering cost-effective solutions to address what is defined as ‘the weak links in the aviation security chain’ by the TSA.

A few recent perimeter intrusions have led experts like Norm Mineta, former US Transportation Secretary, to state that: "The ease with which anyone can penetrate an airport perimeter may shock those familiar with today’s elaborate security inside terminals."

Terry Atwood, Senstar’s General Manager says: "On the one hand airports are investing every day fortunes in screening passengers, yet neglecting to invest a fraction of these expenses on perimeter protection leave many airports with an open backdoor."
For example, recent cases occurred in main international airports:

  • In February 2013, a raid at Zaventem international airport, in Brussels, a professional gang has cut through the dumb chain-link fence, unnoticed, and escaped into the night with diamonds worth €50 million
  • In August 2012, a man whose jet ski became disabled in New York’s Jamaica Bay, swam ashore and managed to breach smart but probably not efficient perimeter security at JFK International Airport undetected
  • In early 2009 at JFK Airport, another perimeter breach occurred when a trio of boaters, lost in their inflatable fishing raft during a storm, ran ashore at the airport, wandered across a runway, and showed up at the Port Authority Police rescue station
  • In July 2012, SkyWest pilot Brian Hedglin used a rug to cover a razor wire topped security fence, and entered the grounds of a Utah airport

"The reason may be the perception that airport site perimeters are too costly to protect," said Mr Atwood. "However, since most airports have an existing ‘dumb’ fence, Senstar offers a cost effective, onetime investment to add on to the existing infrastructure."
Senstar’s widest range of PIDS solutions for airports can be customize to fit any site, without compromising effectiveness:

  • FlexPS™ is a cost effective fence-mounted sensor providing assured detection of any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through the fence
  • OmniTrax® is a covert outdoor perimeter security intrusion detection sensor that generates an invisible radar detection field around buried sensor cables. If an intruder disturbs the field, an alarm is declared and the location of the intrusion is determined
  • FiberLR is a fiber optic cable based perimeter intrusion detection system that supports mixed applications of buried or fence mounted sensing fiber in a single system
  • μltraWave™ – microwave perimeter intrusion detection system consisting of an all digital transmitter and receiver that create an invisible detection zone that alerts when unwanted intrusions occur. μltraWave is an ideal solution for filling gaps in secure zones, such as gates or garage openings