FKI Logistex has recently completed the installation of a new, fully automated and redundant baggage handling system at Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart with integrated 100% Hold Baggage Screening (HBS).

The new system includes 21 check-in counters in Terminal 1 and 12 counters in Terminal 2, with more to be added later on. After just seven minutes (without level 3) and 635m of partially underground conveyor belts, the baggage arrives at the loading platform. 2,400 pieces of luggage can be sorted in the space of one hour.

During the design of the system further extensions have been taken into consideration and integrated into the design.

The new baggage sorting system carries the baggage from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to the new 100% HBS centre in the basement. There, baggage is automatically sorted and conveyed either to the explosives-detecting x-ray machines on levels 1 and 3 or, if something is wrong with a piece of baggage, it is sent on to a room on level 4, where the passenger travelling with the baggage is located. If nothing is wrong with the baggage, it is transported on two conveyor belts to the fully automated baggage sorting facility in the enlarged baggage sorting area. Baggage is automatically identified in the sorting facility using a barcode reader and sent to the loading point that corresponds to each flight destination.


  • Sorting capacity of 2,400 bags/hr
  • Approximately 850m of conveyors with a speed of between 0.5m/s and 2.6m/s
  • 33 check-in counters
  • 20 chutes
  • 20 pushers
  • Explosives-detecting x-ray machines on levels 1 and 3
  • High level and low level control systems based on Windows including ‘drag and drop’ functionality