Nilfisk-Advance, the global leader in professional cleaning equipment, has introduced its model CR 1500 combination machine for heavy industrial applications.

With an all-steel construction and wrap-around bumpers, the CR 1500 is designed to be used in the most demanding conditions. The machine features a powerful 3L engine and king-sized solution and recovery tanks (380L capacity), plus a huge 454L capacity hopper, all of which allow the unit to operate for longer shifts. The scrubbing pressure is adjustable to allow for variations in dirt level and floor conditions, with a maximum scrubbing pressure of 272kg that enables oil and grease to be removed in one pass.

In announcing this new addition to the Nilfisk portfolio, a company spokesperson commented as follows: “The CR 1500 is defined by three key characteristics – robustness, productivity and cleaning power. To effectively and economically clean heavy industrial floors, such as can be found in manufacturing plants, industrial warehouses, bus terminals and so on, the machine needs to combine all these characteristics. We believe that this high-end machine represents the most advanced means of serving this market sector.”

Nilfisk-Advance, the global leader in professional cleaning equipment, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006, and is a member of the Danish NKT Group, listed on the Copenhagen stock exchange..