The Nilfisk BA651/751/851 series of walk-behind scrubber/dryers is be-ing described by the company as a ‘new generation’ of machines in this range. With the design particularly focused on ergonomics, reliability, and higher productivity, this series is aimed at fast, effective cleaning of large floor areas. Hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls and industrial floors are typical applications.

The combination of excellent traction, a scrubbing width of 86 cm, and a working speed of 5.6 km/h, together with large capacity solution and re-covery tanks, serve to increase productivity by up to 30% over earlier models. Another key feature of this series is the exceedingly low noise level, down to just 58 dB(A). This makes the units suitable for daytime cleaning applications, even in noise-sensitive areas.

The Nilfisk BA 651/751/851 range is offered with the company’s unique EDS-Eco Dosage System as an option. This system accurately measures the precise dosage of detergent and delivers it directly to the scrubbing deck. This saves both detergent and water, optimises cleaning perfor-mance, and eliminates the need for time-consuming cleaning of the solu-tion tank.

Nilfisk-Advance has a history dating back more than 100 years, and is today recognised as a global leader in professional cleaning equipment. It is a member of the Danish NKT Group, listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The company has sales offices in 31 countries and distributors in a further 62 countries. Manufacturing facilities are located in Denmark, Italy, Hungary, China, and the USA.