ATC*ISS is Terma’s integrated information display system for air traffic control. At Copenhagen Airport control centre, an updated version of the system displays air traffic load data from EUROCONTROL’s Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) to Naviair’s ATC controllers.

The CFMU allows for the management of air traffic flow. According to EUROCONTROL, the primary objective of managing the flow of traffic is to assist Air Traffic Control (ATC) by avoiding overloads and to provide a smooth flow of traffic. Consequently, this adds to air traffic safety.


For Naviair, the implementation of the CFMU interface with its existing information display system supports optimal staff planning. For instance, the airspace sector leaders are able to foresee the traffic load for the next 20 minutes and allocate the appropriate number of controllers to manage the traffic. Furthermore, each controller has direct access to the CFMU from his or her desktop.


The ATC*ISS system at Naviair interprets traffic load tables for all Danish airspace sectors generated from a single CFMU terminal and arranges the data in an online menu on the controller workstation display. When selecting a sector, the traffic load is presented in an easy-to-read graphical format, allowing the controllers an overview of the expected traffic load and possible sector splits in the immediate future. The information system only displays a configurable amount of information at a time and is automatically updated as new information is received from the CFMU terminal.