The CLS (Container Loading System) and the all-round lift, Basic, for loading and unloading baggage carts, will be available for anyone who wants to try them out at the fair. During 2013 both products have been displayed as good examples of how the risks of manual lifting can be eliminated, in a video from the Dutch Labour Inspection.

Keeping baggage handlers fit
The video shows how Schiphol Airport changed from having their baggage handlers lifting 51 million pieces of luggage every year by hand to using ergonomic lifting aids. The process culminated in the deployment of the CLS.

"For me, the CLS was the best part of this reinforcement process," says Bert Moss from the Labour Inspection.

Mark Lakerveld, Senior Baggage Manager at Schiphol, agrees: "Many of the baggage handlers say that they feel fitter at the end of their shift."

Making unloading easier
As a complement to the CLS the CUS has been developed to make unloading containers even easier. Visit Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions at Inter Airport 2013 and we will explain the benefits of this new product. You will find us in stand no 1524 in hall B5. We are looking forward to meeting you.