As construction nears completion on the Barbados Airport Development, major portions of the facilities are being opened for use. The new arrivals terminal was officially opened 28 September. The terminal has been operating for a few months to wide public acclaim in Barbados. The local newspaper the Sunday Sun was quoted as saying that a local woman, interviewed on seeing the completed arrivals terminal, told the Sun, "It look too sweet".

The Barbados development is a $100 million airfield and terminal development. Sypher has led a combined Barbadian-Canadian team in the planning, design and construction management of this project. The General Contactor is Pihl of Denmark.

Work continues on refurbishing the existing terminal and converting it to a dedicated departures facility. It is anticipated that much of the work will be completed by the end of 2005, with additional work to add loading bridges and related facilities continuing in 2006. Barbados is preparing to Host the finals of the Cricket World Cup in 2007 and the new airport facilities will be complete and in operation before this important event starts. The Airport has already been selected by travel agents as the best Caribbean airport.