Axxicom Airport Caddy has very recently switched from their old planning system to INFORM’s Passenger with Reduced Mobility (PRM) solution at their Schiphol Amsterdam Airport operation.

The INFORM GroundStar solution ensures optimal shift and staff planning as well as real-time staff deployment. All passenger assistants (PA) have reliable and accurate information about the latest passenger, flight and task details via web-based PDAs received from GroundStar.

Information on task status, such as a passenger pick-up or drop-off can be entered into the PDA and is directly transmitted to the system. An IATA message parser connected to the Airport Flight Information System provides up-to-date passenger information.
An average of 120 passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) is assisted by Axxicom Airport Caddy staff an hour, during the summer peak this can even increase to 150 PRMs an hour. Blind and deaf passengers, passengers in wheelchairs and on stretchers, as well as unaccompanied minors all rely on the company’s services.

"This is a challenging task at a busy airport like Schiphol Amsterdam Airport," comments Andrew Versnel, project manager at Axxicom Airport Caddy.

"Our previous system had reached its limits and we therefore looked for a more ergonomic, intuitive and powerful solution to replace it. We knew that Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is already using INFORM’s GroundStar solution successfully, so this assured us in our decision and led to what has now been confirmed with GroundStar in place: trust in the solution."

Axxicom Airport Caddy is a specialised supplier for PRM assistance. The company has been providing PRM assistance at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport since November 2003 and at Brussels Airport since March 2007.

INFORM is a team of raised-in-industry ICT professionals who research, develop and deliver cutting-edge software solutions that improve airport and ground handling logistics, and who also provide consultancy services. INFORM’s flagship suite of products, GroundStar, used by more than 70 organisations in more than 160 airports worldwide, is recognised for its unsurpassed optimisation capabilities, completeness and flexibility at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

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