Fraport AG signed a contract for the implementation of INFORM’s GS RealTime and GS AirportMap to improve N*ICE GmbH’s De-Icing operation. The system will be hosted by Fraport AG and it will provide for optimised allocation of resources in this time-critical A-CDM environment for the N*ICE dispatchers.

GS RealTime optimises the deployment of staff and equipment and creates tasks according to constantly changing flight schedules taking into account A-CDM dependencies. The system will be integrated into the Fraport IT infrastructure with a number of interfaces to other systems, such as flight and turnaround status and weather.

GS AirportMap displays the de-icing resources based on geographical information from GPS, and monitors aircraft-on-stand. It interacts with GS RealTime transferring operational status information and receiving task allocation information. With the help of GS AirportMap, N*ICE will be able to oversee the whole airport or just to concentrate on a hot spot and this way increase operational awareness and visibility.

"We are looking forward to a challenging and interesting project that will increase INFORM’s products participation in A-CDM activities," says Lars Bönnen, project manager at INFORM GmbH.