INFORM’s specialist Michael Reinkober will be speaking at the PTE on March 16th in the track ‘Ageing Population and PRMs’.

Since Michael joined INFORM in 1998, he is implementing real-time staff management systems at airports across Europe. At the PTE he has been invited to talk about optimized allocation of Meet & Assist / PRM agents using beacon technology. Besides showing what PRM Services and Localization have in common, he will be presenting a solution to overcome the challenges while improving the passenger experience in the meantime.

Beacon technology provides valuable information which can be used for assisting and guiding passengers with reduced mobility. Both, passengers and PRM service provider benefit from using one source of information that feeds two systems: the passenger app and the PRM management software.

On the one side, the app helps the passenger to connect with the airport’s infrastructure immediately and to communicate with a PRM agent directly. On the other side, the PRM service provider can consult the PRM passenger’s location, the degree of assistance needed as well as further flight related information within the PRM management software.

In addition, the PRM agents are equipped with mobile devices, too, so they can interact with the passenger via App and are automatically transmitting their current task and position information to the PRM management software.

To discover more visit INFORM at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 in Amsterdam Stand: 6070. Hands-on demonstration and a team of industry professionals will improve your exhibition experience.