Shortly after signing a contract for the implementation of the GroundStar AODB stand and gate management system (for reporting), GroundStar seasonal flight information system (for flight information processing) and SITA Parser, Budapest Airport signed a further contract with German-based company INFORM, this time for the roll-out of the GroundStar human resource suite.

This package includes rostering, planning and deployment of staff and equipment, and is expected to handle a total of 1,100 resources within all airport-related departments such as security and operational staff, marshallers, duty-airside managers and engineers and fuelling staff. GS Planning and GS Rostering will be put in place under a fast-track implementation process, which means that it will go live in less than three months. GS RealTime will follow later in the year.

With the introduction of INFORM’s human resource suite, Budapest Airport will be using one integrated system to manage all its resources (staff, equipment, stands and gates), thus optimising the entire process, from flight planning up to the real-time deployment of staff and equipment.

“The INFORM solution fits in perfectly with our demanding requirements to cover all kinds of processes. The possibility for future enhancements has been of utmost importance for us and therefore the implementation of the GroundStar Human Resource Suite is a natural step forward as part of our modernisation initiative,” said Edit Drevenka, HR project manager of Budapest Airport.