QuinTech and Vanderlande Industries jointly performed a Green Quick Scan of the automated baggage handling system at Eindhoven Airport with the aim of mapping energy consumption and identify potential energy-saving measures. The analysis showed that there is much room for improvement and that a combination of reconfiguring equipment control software, modifying spare-parts management and improving maintenance procedures will reduce the baggage handling systems’ power consumption by 50%.

The Green Quick Scan is part of Eindhoven Airport’s effort to reduce the environmental impact of its operations by increasing energy efficiency. Savings in energy costs and even maintenance expenses support a strong business case which makes the Green Quick Scan not only sustainable, but also economically sound.

Leon Wernaart, manager of facilities and technical support at Eindhoven Airport, said, “The Green Quick Scan of the baggage handling system here at Eindhoven Airport has given us valuable insight into the energy cost and CO2 footprint of our baggage operations. The proposed energy-saving measures will bring these figures down by 50% — far exceeding our expectations. With a positive return on investment, the Green Quick Scan and the accompanying system modifications is definitely money well spent.”