Energy of airport baggage handling systems is wasted by idly running luggage belts, non-optimal logistical processes and inefficient equipment. QuinTech, a Delft University of Technology spin-off company, ran a Green Quick Scan on Rotterdam The Hague Airport and found 30% energy reductions for their baggage handling system. This is a very welcome saving, especially with airports becoming more aware of their CO2 footprint and energy consumption.

First in Europe

QuinTech’s Green Quick Scan service comes at a crucial time for airports, where carbon emissions management and reduction are becoming priorities. The Green Quick Scan matches the aims of the Airport carbon accreditation program, initiated by ACI Europe to help airports work towards the ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral. With Green Quick Scan, QuinTech is the first in Europe to provide an environmentally focused service for baggage handling systems at airports.

Energy and cost savings

In just two steps, Green Quick Scan can help airports realise their environmental goals. By first mapping the baggage handling systems’ energy use, QuinTech is able to examine potential energy saving measures and assist implementing them. The company’s profound expertise and experience allow them to propose simple, easy-to-implement and cost-effective adjustments often overlooked by airports themselves. Only adjustments and solutions approved by the BHS suppliers will be implemented.

30% reduction in CO2 emissions

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is the first in Europe to benefit from QuinTech’s Green Quick Scan. Key changes, including more efficient programming of conveyors belts, may help the airport realise up to 30% reduction in CO2 emissions of their baggage handling system as well as significant cost savings.

“QuinTech has done an excellent job here at Rotterdam Airport. Their thorough analysis and creative but no-nonsense solutions have provided us with the opportunity to save over 30% on our baggage handling systems energy costs and CO2 footprint. Realising that such substantial savings were possible was a real eye-opener for us,” said Steven van der Kleij from Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

For more information about QuinTech’s Green Quick Scan, please visit the QuinTech website.