ALSTEF, wholly owned since 2006 by its management and nearly half of its employees, has just welcomed CM-CIC Capital Finance who will now hold 15% of the share capital, and Société Générale Capital Partenaires, with a capital ownership of 5%.

Created in 1961, ALSTEF designed the first stacker-crane in 1965. Today, ALSTEF is a designer-integrator of automated handling and storage systems, with two fields of activity: logistics, mainly in France (automated handling and high bay warehouses with stacker-cranes), and airports (baggage transportation, screening and sorting).

ALSTEF acquired a real expertise in automated storage, occupying a strong position in the marketplace, particularly in the area of cold storage systems (-30°); the installations now include nearly 1,000 machines.

In the field of airports, ALSTEF has become a leader in the global market of baggage sorting systems, with complete installations in major international airports (Montreal, Paris, Istanbul and Helsinki) and subsidiaries in five countries (Canada, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil and India).

ALSTEF continues its innovative approach and improves its products and software solutions. As an example, it has developed the real time reconciliation of passengers and their baggage, required by the US Immigration Department throughout the boarding process at Montreal-Trudeau airport.

ALSTEF participates in the design of the systems, with a multidisciplinary team of 80 engineers and technicians, more than a third of its workforce. It is also involved in the renovation, expansion and maintenance of the installations (and in their operation, as is the case at Montreal-Trudeau).

These investments will give ALSTEF (€50m turnover with good profitability), the means to support, in the near future, the company’s external growth, particularly in the field of logistics.