The International Airport of Weeze, Germany, has been equipped a new feature in its AEOS access control system to keep unauthorised persons from entering secure areas of the airport.

Together with Nedap, Weeze Airport has found a solution for a problem many airports have to deal with: How to keep people from freely entering secure areas of an airport site. As at any other airport, passengers at Weeze Airport leave the airport through sliding doors behind the section where they the can declare goods. The constanlty opening sliding doors can make it possible for people on the unsecured side to freely enter the secure side, which poses a potential security risk.

This problem has been solved by Nedap’s German business partner Gesellschaft für Sicherheitstechnik (GST), who has installed a radar detector above the sliding doors that controls the direction of movements in the area. The radar detects persons walking into the area in the opposite direction. This movement automatically opens an AEOS face in the control room, showing live video images via FTP. The motion sensor also works when several people walk into the right direction and a person tries at the same time to walk in from the unsecured to the secure side.

GST is a professional installer of access control, security management systems and intrusion and fire detection systems offering clients a wide variety of flexible solutions in the field of security.

Nedap Security Management is the European market leader and a pioneer in the field of customer-oriented security management solutions. Nedap’s access control system AEOS is a security management system based on smart network technology and is among the most advanced in the industry.