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How weathering steel makes transport systems and construction projects greener

More sustainable and stronger than mild steel, weathering steel lasts considerably longer and needs less maintenance over its lifetime, making it a cost-effective option for transport and construction applications.

Back to the future with coastal and maritime MF and HF radio systems

Normal and emergency communications using radio carrier waves are making a strong comeback, with many platforms being developed to enable safe and secure coastal and maritime systems.

Highly visible: LaGuardia Airport Terminal B’s specialised commercial displays

How new digital displays are heightening visibility of vital airport information at baggage claim, security and on flight information displays.

SSAB third quarter 2022 profits rise

The steel manufacturer enjoyed an uplift in performance on the back of strong Special Steels and SSAB Americas divisions’ performances.

How emergency radio communication strategies save lives

According to studies, during a public emergency or natural disaster, information is just as vital to people’s survival as food and water.

Global drive to make steel production greener and more efficient

Steelmakers are aiming to change their production processes to use renewable energy sources and sustainable raw materials.

Longer-lasting weathering ballistic steel making its debut

The metal has been around for decades used to make heavy industry products. It has since gained traction as a commercial and domestic construction material and for artistic projects.

Use of military-grade protection steels in civil environments is rising

At the police station in Villefranche-sur-Saone, France, Ramor 500 protection plates were lowered into U-profile grooves in concrete base/wall uprights, and secured in place with bolts.

Pfeiffer Vacuum’s leak detection solutions for FCEVs

The company has been a major partner in providing leak testing solutions for the fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) market since its early days of development

Protecting emergency communication systems with HF and VHF radio solutions

Critical communications systems and infrastructure must be robustly protected to ensure they cannot be intercepted or interrupted in any way