New York City’s LaGuardia Terminal B has modernised the passenger experience through the use of more than three dozen digital displays from LG Business Solutions USA. Ranging from multi-display video walls and vertical info totems to large, custom LED solutions, the displays are making it easier for guests to find urgent flight information, navigate the terminals and retail establishments and stay informed about security line procedures.

The terminal is going through a multi-phase transformation, led by LaGuardia Gateway Partners (LGP), the manager and developer of the terminal. LGP Information Technology Manager Luis Vitureira describes it as “building a brand-new terminal on top of an existing terminal.” The new Terminal B also includes digital display network hardware and software upgrades, which are attracting praise and recognition from frequent fliers, travel experts, and staff. 

Maximising impact and value

“Twenty-first-century travellers expect twenty-first-century airports, and that means they want information such as flight schedules, wayfinding maps and security procedures to be presented frequently in a highly visible manner, not on static signs or small TVs with spreadsheet-like visuals,” says Vitureira.

“Even though the existing displays in Terminal B were relatively new, we determined that some of them were undersized, and therefore were not sufficiently aiding airport guests or maximising impact and value for advertising partners. We knew that we could improve the passenger experience with larger, brighter, more visible digital displays and content.” 

Some of the first major digital upgrades passengers encounter are two custom, ultrawide LG LED archway displays mounted over the security entrances. Each of the 1.89mm-pixel-pitch displays stretches 20 feet, covering the entire length of the security entrances. Because the displays can be easily updated, the security lanes can be changed on-the-fly to respond to changes in traffic flow.

When traffic at the security area changes, personnel can adjust the mobile lane dividers on the ground and then easily update the LED display’s visuals to accurately denote which lane is for which group of passengers. “These purpose-built LED displays change the dynamic of the security area by providing clear, bright guidance that can be updated as needed,” says Dan Verbsky, senior transportation account manager, LG Business Solutions USA.

“The ability to respond to traffic flow can drastically reduce congestion and wait times, making it easier for passengers to practice social distancing. The benefits are significant, and LG’s LED technology was the ideal solution to fit the wide space with limited height available.”

Choosing to go big

For frequent fliers, new flight information displays (FIDs) constantly provide real-time updates on flight schedules, delays, and terminal locations. To help busy travellers locate the information they need more quickly, the project’s managers at LaGuardia Gateway Partners chose to go big, creating five FIDs that each comprises two 86” 4K LG Business Solutions displays stacked vertically. The top display presents flight information, while the bottom display shows a map of the terminal’s retail establishments alongside public service announcements or commercial advertisements.

In the passenger screening section of Terminal B, seven new ReadySeeGo digital signage totems utilise vertically oriented LG 86-inch Ultra Stretch displays to present typical security line information, such as banned items, shoe and clothing requirements, and any new procedures that are implemented. According to Vitureira, these standalone units were the ideal solution to provide mobile signage that can be updated as required and relocated if necessary.

Every decision we made was the result of thoughtful discussion over how to best utilise the space available and provide a more seamless airport experience for all travellers,” he said. “Whether it’s the digital columns in the TSA area or the 20 LG Ultra Stretch displays now installed in baggage claim, we have improved the visibility and effectiveness of our messaging at every juncture.”

The final display upgrade is found in Terminal B’s baggage claim area, where each carousel is now topped by two 88-inch LG Ultra Stretch landscape displays mounted back-to-back. In addition to identifying which flight’s baggage is on which carousel, each display also shows a taxi wait-time indicator, directions to public transit pickups, and a specific ride-share area, along with any other urgent information passengers may need. 

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