German airport operator Fraport has reached an agreement to deploy FlightAware’s real-time predictive technology at Frankfurt Airport to further optimise flight operations.

Under the arrangement, Fraport will use the real-time predictive runway arrival times, ELDTs (estimated landing times), which will be delivered through FlightAware’s Firehose feed.

The agreement gives the airport operator access to accurate expected runway arrival times, aircraft positions, and flight status.

FlightAware said that its ELDTs are augmented by machine-learning models, which are based on statistical analysis of flight tracks and timestamps of thousands of flights.

These models can recognise the important influencing factors determining the prediction of flight events in real-time, the company claims.

The airport will combine the data into its operational tools and analytical platforms to improve airfield efficiency along with ground personnel allocation at Frankfurt Airport.

Fraport executive board member for aviation and infrastructure Dr Pierre Dominique Prümm said: “FlightAware’s innovative predictive technology will take Fraport’s operational excellence to the next level.

“We are gaining a powerful real-time tool for advancing our Frankfurt Airport operations, benefitting both our airlines and passengers. Ultimately, we are reinforcing our commitment to ensure all passengers have a good trip via Frankfurt Airport.”

Frankfurt Airport manages 94 passenger airlines flying to 306 destinations in 98 countries. The airport handles an average of 1,500 flights daily.

FlightAware founder and CEO Daniel Baker said: “Traditionally, our data has been used to understand past or present events. Fraport’s use of our ELDTs is an important step for us and demonstrates our ability to predict future events.

“This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the more than 70 million passengers travelling through Frankfurt Airport each year.”