Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) recently added four new DVLED displays from LG Business Solutions to its digital display network as part of a complete multi-year airport renovation that aims to improve and modernise the air travel experience. The large direct-view LED displays, which are mounted above the North and South Exit escalators, provide bright, eye-catching canvasses for the airport administration and advertisers to communicate their messaging to arriving and departing travellers. 

“Digital displays allow us to maximise the use of overhead space at our exit escalators, which was previously used to hang printed messages. We now can schedule and convey important information and offer local businesses a big, bright, bold way to get their messaging in front of visitors,” said Eduardo Valencia, Chief Information Officer for the Metropolitan Airports Commission that manages MSP and several regional airports. 

Maximising the size of a display 

Each escalator area now includes a large 2.9mm pixel pitch DVLED display mounted above a smaller ticker-type display with a 2.5mm pixel pitch. The huge South Exit main display is vertically oriented, standing at 14.75 feet wide and more than 21.3 feet tall, while the North Exit main display is mounted in landscape orientation and measures 14.75 feet wide and 8.2 feet tall. Both of the main displays utilise LG’s unique DVLED half cabinets, which allow designers to maximise the size of a display in locations where an extra full DVLED cabinet won’t fit. 

“LG has played a key role in the airport’s efforts to revitalise its digital signage infrastructure, with many LCD displays installed throughout the building and now these new DVLED displays,” said LG Transportation Account Manager Dan Verbsky. “More of both are planned for the future.” 

The LG DVLED displays were sourced through Bluum Technology, a solutions-focused project designer and technology reseller. Bluum Account Executive Heidi Harvey explained how the company is seeing increased appetite for DVLED displays in a range of industries as prices come down and organisations recognise the value of digital canvasses over static signage. 

“Airports are trending toward DVLED displays to deliver reliable, easy-to use messaging spaces for advertisers and internal communications, with the ability to present captivating visual content that’s impossible with static signage,” Harvey said. “We look forward to using more LG digital display technologies in additional airport projects.” 

Custom user interface 

MSP also partnered with Radiant Technology Group to create a custom user interface for the DVLED displays, which leverages the Omnivex digital signage software platform. 

“We created a personalised application for MSP using Omnivex’s platform to optimise workflows and manage content for the large LG DVLED walls,” said Doug Freutel, Vice President and Visionary at Radiant Technology Group. “Behind the scenes our digital signage controller creates operational efficiencies with the ability for authorised staff to customise and schedule graphics, personalised messaging and more in a simple and secure manner.” 

The new personalised digital signage controller empowers MSP and authorised end users to create automated daily content schedules and deploy new graphics immediately through a single click. The airport’s digital signage network syncs real-time data to present updated information such as new arrival times, without requiring any human interaction or manual trigger. 

“The airport’s digital display network used to have numerous different brands of displays and content management systems that each required individual maintenance and labour-intensive content updates,” Valencia explained. “One of our core goals during the renovation was to simplify and standardise as many aspects as possible, from maintenance to content creation. For seamless continuity across our digital signage network, we used single suppliers for displays (LG) and content management (Omnivex).” 

For more information about digital displays from LG Business Solutions USA, please read the whitepaper below.