Nuremberg Aiport

Nürnberg International Airport is located in the Franconian metropolitan area of Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Bavaria, Germany. It is located 5km north of the city centre. It is the second busiest airport in Bavaria, tenth busiest in Germany and 87th busiest in Europe.

The airport serves as the main hub for Air Berlin. It is accessible by road through Motorway A3 and by rail through the U2 line of U-Bahn.

Passenger traffic at the airport in 2011 was 3.96 million, a 2.6% decrease compared to 2010. The airport handled over 67,720 fights and 107,123t of cargo during the same period.

Plans to build a hotel and business centre at the airport site were put forward in 2009. ConTech, in association with the investor ZBI and consultant architect Christ, will construct a new hotel with conference rooms and offices.

Nürnberg international airport history and past expansions

“Nürnberg International Airport is located in the Franconian metropolitan area of Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany.”

Nürnberg airport’s history dates back to the 1920’s when the cities of Nuremberg and Furth requested the lease of Atzenhof military airfield for civil aviation purposes. After relocating to many places, the Marjenberg airport was built and operated between 1939 and 1943. The airport was destroyed during World War II bombings. After temporary relocations, the airport was built at the present site in April 1955.

The runway of the airport was extended from 1,900m to 2,300m in 1961 and to the current length of 2,700m in 1968. An extension of the main apron to enable the airport to handle wide-bodied aircraft was completed in 1977.

In 1981, a new passenger terminal with improved facilities was built to replace the old terminal. It featured a large observation deck and a restaurant. In June 1989, construction of the west terminal commenced at the airport site. This €50m project was completed in May 1992.

An extension of subway line 2 was completed and ground breaking of an underground tunnel took place at the airport in 1997. The new tunnel was inaugurated in 1999.

In 2007 a new Transfer Control Terminal building, new retail shops in the departure lounge and extensions to catering areas were added to the airport.

In May 2009, the decision to construct an Airport Business Centre was made by the airport authorities.

Terminals at Nuremberg airport

The terminal building of the airport has three interconnected terminals. It was designed by Nuremberg-based architects Grabow and Hoffmann. Two of the terminals are used for departures, and one for arrivals. Departure hall two, which underwent a huge expansion in 1992, now has a capacity to handle five million passengers a year.

“Nürnberg is the second busiest airport in Bavaria, tenth busiest in Germany and 87th busiest in Europe.”

The terminals have 40 check-in counters and 44 gates, including five air bridges. Most of the terminal building is covered with steel and glass, to allow maximum daylight into the airport.

A Transfer-Control-Terminal (TCT) opened at the terminal increased the passenger handling capacity and security at the airport.

Cargo Center Nuremberg

The cargo unit at the airport, called the Cargo Center Nuremberg (CCN), has been operational since 1987. It gained importance in the 1990s when the region shared 42% of the country’s exports. Bavaria soon became a major industrial centre with headquarters for various international companies including Siemens, Adidas, Bosch and Faber-Castell.

The Cargo Center II (CCN II) was built in 2003 in response to the vast industrial infrastructure in the region. The airport currently has 14,000m2 of storage and 7,000m2 of office space.

Nürnberg air traffic control tower

The control tower at the airport, designed by architect Günther Behnisch, stands as an architectural landmark. It replaced the old 18m-high control tower at a cost of €15.33m. The 48m tower was inaugurated in November 1998.

Runways at NUE

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Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Germany

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is situated about 10km from the town of Kirchberg, Rhein-Hunsrück district in the central German state of Rhineland-Palatinate and 20km from the town of Simmern.

The airport has a 2,700m long and 45m wide runway. The runway has been in the process of being renovated gradually since 2009. A new landing strip, a new electric ring encompassing the entire runway, and drainage channels were added.

The renovation is expected to cost around €16.7m ($21m), and is scheduled for completion in 2015.

Parking at Nürnberg International Airport

The airport has 8,000 car parking spaces. The P3 parking garage opened in 2007 has seven levels with 2,200 parking spaces. Short-term parking spaces are located in front of the terminal building.