Moi International Airport

Moi International Airport is the second biggest airport in Kenya and is located in the city of Mombasa. Also known as Mombasa Airport, it is spread over an area of 539ha and is operated by Kenya Airports Authority.

The airport handled 1.3 million passengers in 2013, becoming the second busiest airport in Kenya. In June 2014, the Moi International Airport authority announced a major upgrade plan, which includes a new runway, apron expansion, terminal buildings and a power supply boost. The upgrade is estimated to cost Sh7.5bn ($84.36m), 85% of which will be financed by Agence Francaise de Development and 15% by World Bank.

Details of the Moi International Airport upgrade

The airport expansion is expected to be completed by early 2016. The runway upgradation will be carried out in phases. Two enhanced 33kVA electric feeders will be installed to boost the power supply. The passenger terminals will be upgraded to increase the passenger handling capacity to 2.4 million per annum.

"The Moi International Airport was started as a small airstrip during World War II and had two runways, which used to serve only DC and similar aircraft."

Moi International Airport history

The Moi International Airport was started as a small airstrip during World War II and had two runways, which used to serve only DC and similar aircraft. The Governments of Japan and Kenya undertook an expansion project between 1974 and 1977 to accommodate B474 aircraft. A new terminal covering an area of 15,000m² was built as part of the project. The airport got international status in 1978. The second passenger terminal was built from 1994 to1996 to handle the increased passenger traffic.

Terminal features at Moi International Airport

The Moi International Airport has four terminals, including two passenger terminals. Terminal 1 has international and domestic departures and arrival stations, whereas Terminal 2 only handles international departures.

The other two terminals include a general aviation terminal, which is used for local departures to tourist destinations, airstrips and local airports and a cargo terminal, which is used for cargo imports and exports.

Other facilities and services at the airport

The airport also has freight terminal, control tower, two hangars and service buildings for power and water supply. Passenger services at the airport include VP/VIP, business and first class lounges, canteens, post office and banks.

Moi International Airport runways and taxiways

The Moi International Airport has two runways. Runway 21/03 is 3,350m long and 45m wide and Runway 33/15 is 1,260m long and 36m wide.

The airport features ten taxiways, including taxiway A, a parallel taxiway that is 3,564m long and 23m wide, and taxiways B, C and D, which serve as 23m-wide exit taxiways.

Norwich International Airport is spread over 280ha in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, and is one of the country’s busiest airports.

The taxiways H and J are used for small aircraft as connecting taxiways, whereas K and L are also connecting taxiways. An isolated taxiway F is located to the west end of the runway 15, while taxiway M is a military taxiway.

Moi International Airport aprons

The Moi International Airport has three aprons. The main apron is a passenger apron, which constitutes nine rigid pavement bays. The apron also has a ground safety service road, lawn and a static tank.

The general aviation apron has up to 14 bays to accommodate small aircraft while the military apron has the capacity to handle two wide-body aircraft, nine small aircraft and five medium-sized aircraft.