Greater Rochester International Airport is located south-west of Rochester on approximately 1,136 acres of land. Image courtesy of JKruggel.
The passenger terminal at the airport is a two-storey building featuring 22 aircraft gates. Image courtesy of JKruggel.
Cargo facilities are located on the south-east and north-west corners of the airport. Image courtesy of JKruggel.
Ticket lobby at the Greater Rochester International Airport terminal. Image courtesy of JKruggel.
Greater Rochester

Located 6km south-west of Rochester, New York, US, Greater Rochester International Airport (GRIA) connects western New York with other parts of the nation and the world.

Owned and operated by The Monroe County Airport Authority (MCAA), the airport has the capacity to handle 2.4 million passengers a year.

To improve passenger amenities and to maintain the airport’s viability in the current aviation market, the MCAA has submitted an infrastructure plan proposal to the New York State in July 2016.

"The MCAA has submitted an infrastructure plan proposal to the New York State in July 2016."

If approved, the project will transform the existing terminal building into a state-of-the-art smart terminal and enhance the safety and security at the airport.

History of Greater Rochester international terminal

Located on the north side of the airport, the existing two-storey terminal building was constructed between 1989 and 1992. It is a 380,000ft² facility featuring two concourses with 11 gates each, baggage processing functions, and airport administrative offices. All the 22 gates are connected to a central processing facility.

The existing facilities have become outdated and are unable to meet the expectations of modern day passengers. An extensive upgrade to the existing facilities to match the current day requirements is required to support future growth of the airport.

Proposed development plan for GRIA

The proposed development project includes multiple improvements to be made at the airport. It mainly focuses on four major areas including improvements to the airport approach and access roads, development of a canopy over the garage and the terminal building, and wide-scale rehabilitation of the passenger terminal building.

The MCAA also intends to undertake a feasibility study for the development of a multipurpose technology incubator that will allow airport technology innovations.

Upgrades to the existing terminal will include improved wayfinding signage on terminal roadways, new cell phone lot, comfortable lounge seating, new child play zones, and a centralised marketplace for local and regional products.

If approved, the proposed development will create a world-class terminal facility and enable the airport to continue to be operated as a safe, efficient and affordable transportation hub. It will also fuel the local economy by creating jobs and attracting more tourists to the County.


In 2016, New York State announced the Upstate Airport Economic Development and Revitalization Solicitation project to encourage developments in commercial and cargo service airports. It announced a $200m state-wide fund from which eligible airports will receive a maximum of $40m to perform the necessary airport improvements.

The MCAA has applied for the same by submitting a modern and transformational project design created by industry experts.

Runways and aprons at Greater Rochester airport

The airport features three runways with the primary runway (4/22) being 8,000ft-long and 150ft-wide. The runway is equipped with instrumental lighting system (ILS) and high-intensity approach lighting system, and supports majority of airline and air cargo jet traffic at the airport.

Runway 10/28 is 6,401-long and 150-wide and is used for secondary purposes such as crosswinds operations.

The third runway, 7/25, is a general aviation runway measuring 4,000ft-long and 140ft-wide and used for non-jet aircraft.

The airport also includes ten aprons covering a total area of approximately 340,000yd², serving general aviation, cargo and military aircraft.

Airport traffic control tower at Greater Rochester International Airport

The air traffic control tower (ATCT) at Greater Rochester Airport features terminal radar approach control (TRACON) room, from which air traffic controllers monitor all aircraft entering Rochester.

The ATCT at GRIA is one of the few towers in the US to use the latest state-of-the-art radar display system, the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS), which enables the controllers to guide aircraft more safely.

Parking at the airport

The airport offers different parking lots for airport users, such as a short-term parking lot, long-term parking garage, weekly parking lot, shuttle parking lot, and economy shuttle parking.

The short-term parking lot is an outdoor parking facility for limited time parking. The only covered parking available at the airport is the long-term parking garage, which features elevators and stairways between levels.

The weekly parking lot allows the customers to park for seven continuous days and also provides walk-in access to the terminal.

The shuttle facility provides on-airport parking and a shuttle service to and from the terminal.

The economy shuttle parking is an off-airport parking lot and a shuttle service up to the airport terminal.

Ground transportation

Car rentals, Rochester Transit Service (RTS) buses, taxicabs, limousine services, shuttle service, and Greyhound bus line/New York Trailways and Amtrak transportation services are the variety of ground transportation services available from the airport.