Fort Wayne International Airport is located in the city of Fort Wayne in Indiana, US.
The airport has one terminal building, called Lt. Paul Bear Terminal. Image courtesy of Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership.
The air traffic control tower in the Fort Wayne International Airport. Image courtesy of Samuraijohnny.

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Fort Wayne International Airport is a public airport that serves the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. The airport is located eight miles south-west of Fort Wayne City. Spread over an area of 3,700 acres, it has four major airlines: Allegiant, Delta, American and United.

The airport is owned and operated by the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority (FWACAA). It handled 5.44 million passengers and 29.69 million pounds of cargo in 2013.

Fort Wayne International Airport history

The Fort Wayne International Airport was built in 1941 with an investment of $10m. It served as a military base during World War II and was originally known as Baer Field. Post-war, the airport was sold to the city of Fort Wayne for $1 by the Federal government.

In 1946, the city changed the airport’s name to Fort Wayne Municipal Airport. It was renamed again in 1985 as Fort Wayne International Airport by the Airport Authority.

Airport master plan

The airport has undergone numerous expansions and improvement plans, including the expansion of the terminal and parking areas, runway upgrades and the construction of a new air trade centre.

The FWACAA launched an airport master plan and airport layout plan (ALP) update in late 2009. The master plan update aims to evaluate all of the airport components such as the airfield, cargo facilities and terminal area, and develop concepts to meet the anticipated aviation demand. It also includes a capital improvement plan (CIP) to identify the projects necessary to accommodate the forecast aviation demand.

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The CIP listed out the necessary projects and divided them into three phases. Phase I, which is planned to be finished in the first five years (years 0-5), includes runway 5/23 shoulder construction, west ramp access road construction, runway 5/23 repair, taxiway C repair (phase I), installation of a runway guard light, runway 14/32 repair (phase I), relocation of passenger screening, development of West ramp GA, self-serve fuel facility, T-Hangar relocation and concessions relocation (phase I).

Phase II expansion, which is planned to be completed in the following five years (years 6-10), includes taxiway C repair (phase II), runway 14/32 repair (phase II), concessions relocation (phase II), outbound baggage expansion, taxiway Y repair, taxiway G extension, rental car service facility construction and baggage claim expansion (phase I).

Phase III expansion, which is the longest among the three phases, is scheduled to be completed in the 11-20 year time frame. It will include baggage claim expansion (phase II), taxiway C shoulder improvements, taxiway B extension, upper level boarding gate expansion, terminal access road improvements and terminal parking lot improvements.

Recent expansion at Fort Wayne International Airport

The FWACAA awarded a contract to the Hagerman Group in July 2014 to design and construct a new fixed-base operator (FBO) facility. The FBO, to be constructed on the west side of the airport, will replace the existing FBO terminal on the north side. The new terminal will serve as a point of enplanement or deplanement for passengers and as an area for private pilot rest, in addition to housing space for lease.

"In September 2013, the FWACAA received a federal airport improvement grant worth $2.74m from the Federal Aviation Administration."

It also includes master planning site improvements to the general aviation area, entry drive system and existing hangars.

In September 2013, the FWACAA received a federal airport improvement grant worth $2.74m from the Federal Aviation Administration. The grant is meant for improving access to the general aviation portion of the airport, which includes a new access road on the west side of the airfield.

Terminal facilities

The airport has a single passenger terminal building called Lieutenant Paul Bear Terminal, which opened in 1951. The terminal was expanded and improved in 1996 and 2013.

The Lt. Paul Bear Terminal has eight gates. Gates 1-4 are on the first floor of the building and gates 5-8 are located on the second. The terminal features a baggage counter, elevators, escalators, security check, free wireless internet, a business centre, children’s play areas, restaurants, coffee shops and gift shops.


Fort Wayne International Airport has three runways. Runway 5/23, which is 11,981ft long and 150m wide, is one of the longest runways in the US. The runway can handle aircraft of any size, including A380s, 747s, space shuttles and military tankers.

The second runway, called Runway 09/27, is 4,001ft long and 75m wide. Runway 14/32, the third runway, is 8,002ft long and 150m wide.


The airport has a parking facility with long-term, short-term and economy parking lots for the convenience of passengers.