Tough, resilient and packed with features, the STP9000 series helps clients tackle the most arduous workday challenges.

The full-keypad STP9000 and reduced-keypad variants STP9100 and STP9200 hand-portable TETRA radios boast powerful audio, exceptional battery life and safety-enhancing features such as Wake-on-Alarm, which switches the radio on and initiates an emergency call with one touch of a button.

With IP67 environmental protection, the STP9000 series continues to work after being submerged under 1m of water for up to 30min.

Haptic technology produces a physically detectable response to the press of a key and the ‘twist and zoom’ feature allows images to be viewed full-screen when the radio’s orientation is changed.

A range of apps streamlines essential processes, helping to keep staff safe and increasing productivity.

Data transmission reduces the need for voice calls, conserving valuable bandwidth and providing fast access to critical information when you need it most.

  • IP67 environmental protection
  • Full and reduced keypad options