NO-DRONE is an integrated system specifically conceived for detecting, tracking, identifying and classifying cooperative and non-cooperative drones flying in aerodromes and their surroundings.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones is becoming more and more common in the civil domain.

With their increasing availability and reduced costs, they are now operated by professionals and amateur hobbyists who are often unaware of or ignore regulations and basic aviation safety requirements, therefore causing potential risks to aviation.

Its core technology implements an intrinsically multi-target radar sensor that provides surveillance of the airspace for both micro and mini classes of fixed and rotary winged drones.

The radar system can then automatically designate a PTZ-controlled EO/IR for visual verification of the traced objects, enabling the operator’s threat level assessment with identification and recognition capabilities.

The safe and smooth deployment in the airport environment is further enhanced by the optional embedded simulation suite for predictive evaluation of line-of-sight (LoS) coverage, EMC/EMI assessment of possible interferences resulting from EM interactions with aerodrome equipment, CNS infrastructure, and many other RF elements providing services in the airport.

NO-DRONE provides continuous operation with all-weather day and night full line of sight 360° coverage.

NO-DRONE key features include:

  • Multispectral (radar and optical) surveillance of airspace
  • Full 360° LoS coverage for monitoring of critical areas
  • Multi-threat management capability
  • Target recognition, identification and classification
  • Modular concept for full scalability
  • Cooperative setup with the airport environment (EMI/ EMC analysis)
  • Interoperability with ATC Systems (Standard data format such as Asterix CAT21)