The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is implementing its latest initiative to curb the spread of Covid-19 with the deployment of new acrylic barriers at LaGuardia Airport.

The barriers are being installed at TSA security checkpoints across the airport. Areas where interaction with passengers happens include the travel document checking podium and place for carry-on property for X-ray screening.

TSA Airport federal security director Robert Duffy said: “The installation of these barriers is the latest initiative that TSA has put in place at security checkpoints with the goal of reducing the likelihood of cross contamination among travellers and employees.

“These shields provide a substantial layer of protection to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.”

Last month, TSA contracted Lavi Industries to deliver an additional 1,230 acrylic barriers for installation at 37 priority airports nationwide.

In addition to LaGuardia Airport, the agency will install the protective barrier in John F Kennedy and Newark Liberty International Airports.

During this month, additional contracts for shields for additional airports are expected to be awarded.

Recently, US carrier Delta and the TSA partnered to roll out antimicrobial bins in airport security checkpoints at select Delta hubs to further make the airport experience safer for its passengers.

Earlier this month, the agency piloted a touchless self-service technology that matches the live photo of travellers with the image on their ID, flight information for passengers gets confirmed in near-real-time.