US carrier Delta and the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have partnered to roll out antimicrobial bins in airport security checkpoints at select Delta hubs.

Delta’s antimicrobial bin is the latest advancement by the carrier to further make the airport experience safer for its passengers.

These antimicrobial bins are being launched to automated screening lanes in Atlanta, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Los Angeles, New York-LaGuardia and New York-JFK starting this week.

Delta will work on expansion plans to other markets.

Made from advanced antimicrobial material, the new security bins can inhibit the growth of a range of bacteria. It also constantly decreases microbial existence throughout the bin’s lifecycle.

In addition, a sleek black colour and indicators on bin handles will inform customers on the safety of their belongings through the security checkpoint.

Delta said in a statement: “This innovation in safety builds on the Delta CareStandard and is the latest advancement in Delta and TSA’s partnership to continue enhancing the customer experience, which has included launching the first biometric terminal and working together to speed up international security lines in Atlanta.”

The partnership will continue to enhance the customer experience by launching the first biometric terminal and accelerating international security lines in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, Delta’s new Global Cleanliness Division is also working with teams across the airline and partners to enhance safety and cleanliness throughout travel.

In January, Delta Air Lines partnered with Misapplied Sciences to launch its Parallel Reality experience for passengers at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in the US.