Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Japan has broken ground on the KIX Terminal 1 (T1) Renovation Project.

Kansai Airports, the airport’s manager, along with other stakeholders, attended the ground-breaking ceremony.

This revamp work will increase the international capacity, with an aim to enhance passenger experience at the airport.

Once completed, KIX will be able to manage nearly 40 million international passengers annually.

The essential functions of the airport will be available for use by 2025 in time for the Osaka-Kansai Expo.

A month ago, Kansai Airports signed a contract with construction company Obayashi for the renovation of airport’s T1.

In a statement, Kansai Airports said: “Putting safety as top priority, Kansai Airports will proceed with the project in cooperation with all stakeholders to enhance the functions of KIX, the gateway to the Kansai region.”

By autumn next year, the new domestic area on the second floor will be opened.

On the same floor, the central zone of the international departure area will be unveiled in winter 2023.

By spring 2025, the new security screening area will be opened on the fourth floor along with the international lounges on the third floor.

The north and south commercial amenities in the international departure area on the second floor will be opened in autumn 2026.

Recently, KIX installed an automated PCR robotic system, which has been developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

The new system has the capacity to process up to 2,500 samples in a span of 16 hours per day for departing travellers on international flights.

This system is planned to be put in service later this year.