Tampa International Airport (TPA) in the US has deployed a new robot software and other technology to keep its facilities clean amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last month, TPA stated that it will require all guests and passengers travelling through its terminal and facilities to wear face masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19, in accordance with a City of Tampa executive order.

The airport has started the use of a new technology for sanitising escalator handrails, which are touched by many passengers each day.

Thomsen’s handrail cleaning system can sanitise the rails at a speed of one mile per minute and needs minimal human interference.

In addition, TPA has partnered with Flagship Janitorial Cleaning Services and started the use of many new technological devices to aid its sanitation efforts.

It has deployed Kaivac, which is used for the cleaning and disinfection of restrooms. It uses a pressure washing method to clean large surfaces and enables touchless cleaning.

Karcher misters spray the disinfectant evenly on the surfaces, which enables the sanitation of large areas in a short period.

Another technology that the airport has deployed is the ‘victory electrostatic sprayers’ for disinfecting touchpoints and surfaces. With this solution, the positively charged particles stick to the surfaces.

In addition, the T7 Autonomous auto scrubbers wash the floors without the need of a driver.

TPA has also planned to install a ‘smart restroom’ software provided by TRAX Analytics that will offer insight into restroom cleanliness.

In April, TPA unveiled its plans for restarting business following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The plan, called TPA Ready, includes measures to enforce social distancing, the use of masks, plastic shield barriers, surface disinfection and touchless transactions, all of which are expected to limit the spread of the virus.