Tampa International Airport (TPA) in the US has unveiled its plans for restarting business following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The plan, called TPA Ready, includes measures to enforce social distancing, the use of masks, plastic shield barriers, surface disinfection and touchless transactions, all of which are expected to limit the spread of the virus.

TPA has urged passengers to adhere to the guidelines issued by the airport to ensure the safety of the employees and guests.

TPA CEO Joe Lopano said: “While we know there’s an eagerness among our travellers and employees to resume our normal lives again, that new normal may look very different than what we were accustomed to pre-Covid-19.

“Keeping people safe is always our top priority at TPA, and as people plan to come back, we want to ensure we are offering an environment that is clean, healthy and ready for business.”

The airport has planned to install plastic or acrylic shields at areas that receive high traffic such as ticket counters, TSA security checkpoints, boarding gates and concessions counters.

All employees of the airport will have to wear face masks.

Tampa Airport will install ground markings and signs that will ensure a six-feet distance between passengers at ticket counters, boarding gates, shuttles, SkyConnect, concessions counters, US Customs, and other common areas.

In addition, the seating will be decreased at dining areas and at gates for social distancing, and the airport has hired additional cleaning crew staff for the airport.

The cleaning crew will use ‘cutting-edge disinfection’ applications and products on hand-rails and elevator buttons and additional hand sanitisers will be available in the airport.

Guests have been asked to follow CDC guidelines and use a face mask when in the airport.

Passengers should arrive two hours before the estimated departure to avoid crowding and use carry-on luggage and mobile boarding passes in a bid to decrease touching.

People who are dropping off or picking up passengers will not be allowed to enter the Main Terminal.