Swissport has secured a new air cargo handling contract at Frankfurt Airport days after it opened a new warehouse at the site.

The company signed a five year contract with Cathay Pacific Cargo for the handling of its air cargo at the German airport.

The new contract will further boost Swissport’s handling volumes at Frankfurt Airport.

One of the world’s largest international cargo carriers, Cathay Pacific Cargo has made the airport its European air cargo hub.

Swissport Cargo Services Germany head Henning Dieter said: “We are very pleased with this vote of confidence by Cathay Pacific Cargo, one of the world’s leading air cargo carriers.

“Our investments in high-tech equipment and digitalisation combined with the increased warehousing space provide a strong foundation for a mutually beneficial collaboration.”

Overall, the contract involves flying 26,000 tonnes of cargo annually with freight aircraft and four weekly passenger flights between Frankfurt, the US and Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific Cargo and Swissport already collaborate at several airports around the globe.

Earlier this week, Swissport opened its new 17,000m² facility at Frankfurt Airport. The new location increases Swissport’s air cargo handling capacity by nearly 50%.

The warehouse includes an integrated Swissport Pharma Center to support shipments of pharmaceutical goods amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Swissport Pharma Center has an area of 1,560m². Around 1,300m² is dedicated for shipments that require a 15°C to 25°C storage temperature while the remaining space will be used for pharmaceuticals that need to be stored in the 2° to 8°C temperature range.

Notably, Swissport agreed to a comprehensive restructuring in August to secure new funding amid the Covid-19 crisis.