Swedish airport operator Swedavia has collaborated with China’s Nuctech to procure baggage screening equipment for Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN).

To be developed Nuctech’s Polish subsidiary, the X-ray equipment will be installed at the airport’s new security checkpoint in Terminal 5 and deployed by Swedish sub-contractor NSC Sweden. 

The installation of this equipment eliminates the need for travellers to separate liquids and electronic equipment from their baggage during security screening.

Said to incorporate the latest technology, this equipment does not handle personal or sensitive data.

Commenting on the development, Swedavia head of Corporate Security Mats Paulsson said: “The Nuctech equipment has been approved by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), which is the agency in charge of approving screening equipment for use in EU airports.

“The procurement also follows the regulations set out in the Swedish Protective Security Act. Swedavia will also sign a security protection agreement with the supplier.”

Swedavia further noted that the security checkpoint, on track to be completed next year, will be staffed, with the work to be conducted by Swedavia’s contracted security screening supplier Avarn Security.

Paulsson added: “With a security agreement, the supplier is responsible for maintaining the security protection required to protect the security-sensitive operations where the equipment is used. This is regulated in a security protection agreement.

“That agreement is signed in conjunction with the commercial contract between Swedavia and the supplier, as well as any sub-contractors. The agreement regulates the areas information security, security clearance and physical security.”

Swedavia is a state-owned company that owns and operates ten of the country’s busiest airports in Sweden.

At the end of last year, it was in the news for launching a new charging infrastructure for electric aircraft at Visby Airport (VBY).