The US Transportation Security Administration (Tsa) has awarded a blanket purchase agreement to Science Applications International (SAIC) to continue to carry out the operational trial and assessment of its airport screening equipment and non-screening solutions.         

The blanket purchase agreement is estimated to be worth $150m.

SAIC will be responsible for offering data analysis, test planning, and execution as per the agreement.

It will also perform an evaluation of passenger and baggage screening equipment.

SAIC Defense and Civilian Sector president Bob Genter said: “We continue to use our technology to support TSA’s mission of securing people and commerce in our nation’s airports.

“SAIC’s cost-effective system evaluation capabilities support essential airport screening equipment used every day to protect travellers in the US, as well as non-screening systems that support critical Dhs and TSA operations.”

Additionally, the agreement scope includes providing critical support to TSA for validating operational effectiveness, suitability and cyber resilience of technologies which are used to protect people and cargo transportation in the country.

Last month, TSA deployed the next generation of credential authentication technology (CAT), called CAT-2, at Denver International Airport in Colorado.

The new CAT units are equipped with a camera to capture a real-time photo of a traveller and compare the passenger’s photo on the identification credential with the in-person, real-time photo.