Employees of ADP, Paris’ main airport operator, have cancelled plans for further strikes after a pay hike agreement of 3% from management.

ADP Group, which operates the Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports, has agreed on individual salary increases for nearly 1,800 staff.

The unions were earlier demanding a 6% pay increase, which dated back to 1 January, in order to compensate for inflation.

The latest agreement has averted strikes planned for this weekend, which would have created chaos at the beginning of the French summer holidays.

Employees, including ground staff and firefighters, have been holding strikes over wages and working conditions since June, leading to hundreds of flights at Paris airports being cancelled.

“I remain cautious but there have been very important talks, supported by the state, between the workers and the management, at ADP, also at (railway operator) SNCF, that led to purchasing power measures”, French Transport Minister Clement Beaune told BFM TV.

Recently, a technical glitch at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport’s baggage sorting system caused 15 flights to leave without passenger luggage. 

This worsened disruptions that were already occurring at the airport due to workforce shortages, caused due to headcount reduction measures carried out during the pandemic.

At the end of May, Paris-Charles de Gaulle reported 5.2 million passengers, up 4.1 million from the previous year and 80.9% of the traffic from May 2019.

Paris-Orly’s total passenger traffic at the end of May stood at 2.6 million passengers, up 1.8 million compared with May 2021 and 93.5% of the traffic from May 2019.