Riyadh Airports Company has launched an advanced airport operations control centre at King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Internal and external partners will work together at the new control centre, which is said to be the main hub of the airport, to manage airport operations.

The centre has been launched to improve efficiency and sustainability in airport operations.

It can manage nearly 700 flights a day, which will include both passenger and freight carriers.

The facility has more than 25 security, operational and service agencies, along with new operational systems to manage resources, operational monitoring and performance indicators for full-time airport management.

The control centre will help with the immediate sharing of information as well as enable more effective decision-making based on real-time information to improve the flow of operational movement.

Riyadh Airports Company CEO Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Maghlouth said: “We are pleased to inaugurate the Operations Control Center at KKIA, which will enable Riyadh Airports Company to fully control all its operations in its various facilities.

“It allows for data-driven proactive measures, which contribute to better planning processes.”

In April, a new digital platform, OFOQ, was deployed at KKIA.

Developed in association with ADB SAFEGATE, OFOQ is the central database for all operational information at the airport.