LED display supplier NanoLumens has installed numerous large-format curved LED displays at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport in the US.

Installed across the airport’s international terminal, the curved LED displays are part of a multi-phased technology upgrade that aims to improve the passenger experience.

NanoLumens partnered with digital signage expert firm Creative Realities to integrate the LED displays.

They will be mainly used for showing advertisements across JFK.

The new displays feature small panels of pixels, known as nixels. These allow for simpler installations and maintenance compared to single-screen designs.

The brightness of the displays can be adjusted to ensure consistent visibility. They also use off-axis viewing angles so all passengers can see the content.

Creative Realities business development senior vice-president Paul Kline announced that the terminal specified NanoLumens’ striking displays, including curved and double-sided models.

“More than 20 million people come through this terminal each year, so the advertising and exposure opportunities are enormous.

“These displays leverage modern technology while providing concrete benefits for their business and passengers.”

Designed to adapt to the existing architecture of the facility, the new displays are mounted on an overhead wall that passengers pass under when they move through the terminal.

The latest installation follows the first NanoLumens display deployed in 2017. Now, JFK’s Terminal 4 has deployed a new 40ft-wide curved display, exclusively for advertising.

Kline added: “They needed something commensurate with their position on the world stage, and they understood that NanoLumens’ wealth of knowledge, experience, and ability to design custom-curved LED displays to nearly any specification would result in a world-class presentation.”

In February 2018, JFK International Airport’s Terminal 4 collaborated with CrowdVision to revamp operations, layouts and processes across the terminal.