Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in the US has started construction of an automated people mover (APM) elevated pedestrian walkway with the installation of four steel trusses over World Way.

This bridge will link LAX’s Terminal 4 to the West Central Terminal Area (CTA) APM station.

The moderately prefabricated steel trusses were brought to the airport and then gathered and lifted into place with a 350t crane. The trusses weigh from 60,000lb to 100,000lb.

The pieces were welded together while being supported by a shoring tower over the roadway. The floor and roof beams’ installation has started for finishing the placement of the structural steel for the bridge.

Around six pedestrian walkways will be put in place at World Way.

LAX operator Los Angeles World Airports chief development officer Bernardo Gogna said: “As we advance our modernisation projects and take our place as a world-class airport, it is also important to honour LAX’s rich architectural history through our design and construction, and our new bridges will do just that.”

For the construction of the bridge, a rare design called the Vierendeel Truss has been chosen owing to the explicit engineering and aesthetic design needs.

A Vierendeel Truss eliminates the requirement for diagonal supports and is built out of vertical and horizontal support structures.

With a streamlined profile and clean lines, this design will allow the walkway to sustain visual continuity at LAX.

After the placement of all the steel trusses, the airport will deploy a suspended scaffolding system for clearing the way for the placement of the concrete floor, along with the fitting of metal panels and glazing.

The APM, which is being introduced under LAWA’s Landside Access Modernisation Programme, is a 3.62km electric train system that will provide rail connectivity at CTA.

Earlier this month, LAX unveiled the new extension worth $477.5m at Terminal 1.